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Leading up to this movie release I kept hearing comments along the lines of:

"Who the eff is Mark Webb?"

"Where's Mary Jane? Who's this blonde chick?"

"But he's in HIGHSCHOOL! That's so not right!"

"A lizard? Really?"

"Did they dye Mary Jane's hair?"

Of COURSE a reboot means a remake... 'cause that's totally what it is... not. In spite of the face-palm inducing ignorance of the general public in regards to who Gwen Stacy and Curt Connors are, I was looking forward to the reboot. "Ah finally! They're going to get things right!"

And they did... Peter's a highschool student, Gwen's his girlfriend, he doesn't have web glands in his wrists...

I have also been a fan of Mark Webb for a while now. (And only last week did I finally manage to watch 500 Days of Summer) For those who are still confused where this director came from, he was primarily a music video director and a favorite of bands like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Weezer (and many others).

So while this movie got some things right (and Andrew Garfield was a refreshing alternative to good ol' Toby), I found it somehow lacking of that specialness that Webb is known for in his music videos. The magic that Webb is known for in his music videos seems to be lost when the running time gets stretched out. The only time I saw something along the lines of it was at a funeral where the guests were walking down the church steps in the rain with black umbrellas. "Ooooh Helena... Ok, so where's the creepy ballerina?"

The fight scenes were fun at best, but forgettable at most. The special effects were ok (not stellar, mind you),  but Connors' arm stump kept distracting me.

There were a couple cool moments though, like the spiderweb use in the sewer... and when Lizard came up through the toilet. That made me laugh.



In short, I feel like the older Spiderman movie had a better plot yet this movie was a lot less cheesy and had a better lead actor. (I'm sorry but I despise how Toby does that awkward smile when he's crying) This movie also repackaged the theme of responsibility with a different emphasis and way less capabilities of running the quote into the ground. I also found it more applicable.

With great power comes great responsibility

If you are able to help someone, it is your moral obligation to help them. It's your responsibility.

Or something like that. Like I said, less quotable but more relevant.

So in all, it was still a fun watch and worth a view but nothing quite as special at the original Spiderman movie. But still, I am actually looking forward to any sequel they might have (Normaaaaaan).
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July 10, 2012


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