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I love to read, write, and draw. But then again, so do most people on here. I love fantasy and comic book icons. And I am a nerd... on a pretty high level too, I might add. I'm a Christian. I want to write children's books some day and possibly be a librarian.

Favourite photographer: Christopher Bliss
Favourite style of art: Impresionism
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Personal Quote: "People tend to generalize everything..."
First, the girlfriend gets shoved into the fridge, then the nerd girl gets forced into the cone of shame ("I do not like the cone of shame").

I don't react well when guys challenge my interest in geek culture and assume I'm only into it because it's all the rage right now (I've got this several times at school*). The reason for being interested in geek culture shouldn't even matter anyways. Frankly, I would be thrilled if the opposite gender population suddenly became interested in my favorite media or fandom. Isn't that every nerd's dream? But instead of geek girls being able to openly join in with Felicia Day in a rounding chorus of "Now I'm the one that's cool!", we get challenged every time we open our mouths or show our faces at a con.

Tony Harris may have tried to polish up his opinion and try to re-present it in a non-offensive and thoughtful mannerů AFTER  his original post that was riddled with grammatical errors, foul language, and downright hateful words took the internet by stormů AFTER he received hate mail, death threats, and petitions for black listing him in the industry. He should have been thoughtful and considerate in the first place. I do not condone the many hateful words that have been rained down on him, I only think he made a really stupid move to wage war against certain females using social media and that he could have used some more tact (or just kept his mouth shut).

Sadly, his post has illuminated an ongoing problem of gender alienation in geek culture. The good ol' boys club, if you will. A club of artists, writers, and fans that have cemented the image of sexy and scantily-clad female characters as the socially accepted norm in the psyche of comic book fans everywhere. And now women receive criticism for dressing as these characters. Although Harris claims he has a problem with only SOME female cosplayers (he later amends this for both genders after being publicly labeled a sexist bigot), it is hard to tell who these attention-seeking cosplayers are by looks and so it is far easier for everyone to assume that any female in a french-cut leotard is an attention-seeking slut who is only mildly interested in the fandom.

At San Diego CC I saw a group of Avengers cosplayers a la Playboy Bunny. Sure, it's a pretty inappropriate concept for the more modest individual, but the outfits were no less revealing than many popular super heroine designs and one can see a lot of effort went into making the costumes. And to be honest, many female comic characters are little more than nerd-versions of Playboy Bunnies. (Bunny Hulk is actually wearing more fabric than She Hulk) Would I call those ladies attention-seeking sluts? Nah. Do I condone slutty outfits? No, but it honestly can't be helped in western comic cosplays. Did I personally think their outfits in good taste? Not really, but that's not my problem and I'm not calling foul on them. Why be upset with them when there are bigger fish to rage at?

Personally, in protest to the lack of clothing on famous comic characters, I am tempted to design a new adaptation of classic characters for cosplay. I'm thinking "mumu Wonder Woman" for my next convention.

* This usually ends with me going on a 5 minute rant and presentation of my "credentials" and it's all a very nasty ordeal in which my pride runs loose and wreaks havoc on the world because I can't NOT rise to the bait. One guy actually called Deadpool a "superhero" and when he refuted my statement that he's an antihero I verbally ripped out his jugular and proved his ignorance in front of others.

Article on Tony Harris and the issue of sexism in comic media:…

Article on the most recent "good ol' boys club" issues presented online:…

The facebook page for the Avenger Bunnies:…

"Women in Refrigerators":…
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